Tanning at the place of competition

By ordering our service “Tanning at the place of competition” in advance via our web site you will enable us better to organize our work. The in advance orders will give us the signal for how many clients we should be prepared from time and material aspects. The all of participant’s in advance orders will have the preference of these participants in the rank of the competition. The tanning will proceed according to the arrival times of respective competition’s participants. In case of delay or time stress the opening times of respective categories of the competition will be considered accordingly. Because we work with more spraying pistols at the same time, we are ready to tann each competition participant.

The tanning consists from 3 phases

  1. The tanning (takes 10 – 15 minutes)
  2. Drying (takes 15 minutes)
  3. Polishing (10 minutes before entering the podium)

Important advices before tanning

In order to avoid the spots, is necessary 2 -3 days in advance to start with the skin preparation.

  • The first step in this process is to remove the tufts. This takes approx. 4 minutes by using the depilation appliance called “Hair Away“. By means of this appliance the unwanted tufts will be removed and the required skin hydration will be reached accordingly.
  • The clean skin without tufts must be smoothed and the paced skin particles have to be removed. The appliance “Get buffed“ contributes to soft peeling and saturation of skin PH as well. ”Get buffed” is enriched by vitamins and vegetal extracts which enables the skin the respective prevention before sunbathing. The skin smoothing and neutralization is subject to successful tanning without spots. The soft peeling smoothes the skin and through this phase prolongs the sunbathe time.
  • Important notice: after the last douche before the competition please don’t applied any kind of deodorant! The color doesn’t stick on the skin and evokes the spots.
  • 2 – 3 days before the competition don’t use the body milk; the color better sticks on dry skin.
  • Don’t use the wax depilation some days before the competition. The tufts will be removed but the upper layer of the skin will be removed as well. This status can also create the spots when tanning.